October 1, 2022

January was National Mentoring Month, and while there was a focus on the Strategic Plans, one of the effective ways in making our clubs and region better, to help it reach its potential, is to mentor club leaders so that they can reach their potential.

The Mentoring Guide asks your regional leadership, which agrees to be involved in mentoring club leadership, to make multiple phone calls to the club leaders to which they are assigned, and provides specific guidance on what they might discuss in each of those calls, first, to get to know the club president/leader as a person, and then to ‘gently’ introduce the FJMC and its programs and what the FJMC and the Region can offer to the club president and the club members. It assumes that the club may not be a convenient drive away, although I have no objection to – and would strongly encourage – a personal visit if that is possible. Mentoring works best when the mentee knows well and trusts the mentor, and that takes more than a phone call or two.

How important is mentoring for personal and professional development? Most major corporations and spends millions of dollars for this process because it makes their people better. And the leadership of the FJMC, your Executive Committee leadership, has been discussing such mentoring for all the members.

If you have any questions, I stand ready to respond, either by email or phone ([email protected] – 305-785-6632).

Thanking you in advance for your leadership efforts on behalf of your Florida Region, helping our clubs and the FJMC.

Edward Margolis, FJMC Florida Region President 2015-2017
Allan R. Kahan, International Vice President, Region & Club Services, FJMC, 2015-2017

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