October 1, 2022

martin havdallah



We had a successful Retreat. Twenty five men from twelve clubs; including three father and son teams. It is in today’s world where many clubs and synagogues are faltering, the FJMC Florida Region facilitates proactive avenues for men’s clubs to network, share and learn from each other. When men’s club leaders and their members interact with leaders from other club, then the clubs and all Judaism benefits. We plan retreat tracks for both Club Leaders and Men’s Health. There is “ruach” with everyone, with emphasis on empty nesters and young fathers and sons (16+).  We’ll see you there!

*First Timers: $200

*Repeat Attendees: $230

* $40 down payment available to reserve your spot. 

Register Now! Click Here!

Deadline is Wednesday, 5/11 at midnight.

Camp Shalom Trail, Hawthorne, FL 32640

See beautiful Camp Shalom from a satellite.  Map and directions to Camp Shalom- Click here.  

See  the retreat schedule and information on this site’s left side menu.  If returning to pay with a credit card click here.

… you may download this flyer as a pdf, click here!




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