October 1, 2022

Contact Art Stark, Florida Region’s Yellow Candle Chair  at:  [email protected]

  1. Show leadership for your club and shul to your community –Participation means by supporting and acknowledging the Shoah and what was lost.
  2. An Opportunity for Your Club to Work with Other Groups – Share you Jewish Values with other organizations – e.g. Sisterhood, USY, Reform congregations, churches, schools, Hillels, & others.
  3. Great way to get Your Congregation’s Rabbi More Involved. Your Rabbi can become a real partner with your Club. Work with your Rabbi to play a key role in promoting and implementing your Yom ha-Shoah program.
  4. Wonderful way to get More Men and Children Involved – Have them pack and deliver candles. Many clubs organize a Candle Packing Night during which they order in pizza – another excuse (or opportunity) to…
  5. It’s Fun to get Together With Friends (New and Current) – Meet to plan and implement Yom HaShoah programming. Great deal of satisfaction!
  6. Boost the Prestige of Your Men’s Club in the congregation – Demonstrate your Club’s ability to organize and run an important program on a topic that should be of concern and interest to everyone Jewish.  Go to the FJMC website to
  7. It can be a Fund Raiser – Many clubs raise money by sending out candles along with a solicitation letter; others simply charge for candles outright. If you’re stumped for fund raising ideas, your friendly FJMC consultants can help!
  8. Need to Educate Future Generations. The Yellow Candle Program offers all kinds of opportunities for your Men’s Club and your synagogue to carry on the important mission of teaching people the lessons of the Shoah.
  9. Leave a Legacy – For yourself and your club. Pass along this tradition that can instill the passion and responsibility into others to pay if forward.
  10. Remember the Victims of the Shoah.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana


To Order Your Candles:

Visit the website at: www.yellowcandles.org

E-mail FJMC at: [email protected]

Call FJMC toll free at: 1-800-391-7293

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