October 1, 2022

Temple Beth Sholom Men’s Club – Melbourne

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Our 2015/2016 Men’s Club Board:

David Scholl                President                                 [email protected]

Todd Bergman           Vice President                         [email protected]

Mickey Lane                Treasurer                                [email protected]

Matt Sheldon              Director-at-Large                   [email protected]

Michael Dorn              Recording Secretary               [email protected]

Steve Horgan              Corresponding Secretary       jsh[email protected]

Herb Zeichick              Ritual Chair                              [email protected]

Ephraim Reitzfeld       Program Chair                       [email protected]

Eric Perlman               Immediate Past President     [email protected]


Calendar – Join Us!

Aug. 2015                   Flip Flop Shabbat           Fri. 14th

MC Board Meeting                                              Thurs 20th

Mitzvah Day (pre-holiday cleanup)                 Sun. 30th


Sept. 2015                  Rosh Hashanah Ushering    Sun-Tues 13-15th

Yom Kippur Ushering                                          Tues-Wed 22-23rd

MC Board Meeting                                               Thurs 24th

Sukkah S’chach & P’ancake Breakfast           Sun 27th


Oct. 2015                    MC/SH Breakfast & Club Meeting         Sun 11th

(program: Origin of ISIS, Yak Marx)

MC Board meeting                                               Thur. 15th


Nov. 2015                   Man/Youth of the Year – Orlando          Sun 8th

(MOY Honoree: Bob Mandel,  YOY: Julius Scheinman)

MC Board Meeting                                               Thurs 19th


Dec. 2015                    MC Board Meeting                           Thur. 17th

MC/SH Breakfast & Club Meeting                    Sun 6th

(program: Emmigration to US, Malak Hammond)

Latkes for School Hanukah Party (maybe)                                 Sun. 13th


Jan. 2016                     MC Board Meeting                                     Thur. 21st

Build-A-Pair                                                            Sun. 31st


Feb. 2016                    World Wide Wrap                                      Sun, 1st

(program – The Tfillin, Rabbi Fox or Neil P or Herb Z?)

MC Board Meeting                                               Thurs. 18th


Mar. 2016                   Golf Tournament (Duran?)                      Sun 6th

MC Board Meeting                                               Thurs. 17th

Men’s Club Shabbat                                             18-19 or 25-26

Purim Basket Deliveries                                      Sun. 20th


Apr. 2016                    MC Board Meeting                                     Thur. 21st

Pre-Passover BBQ                                                Sun 17th

Activity or Club Meeting                                     TBD


May 2016                    MC Board Meeting                                     Thur. 19thth

Activity or Club Meeting                                     TBD



June 2016                   MC Board Meeting                                     Thur. 16th

Club Meeting / Elections                                     Sun 19th or 26th     Sun. 28th



Event to be scheduled:             Theatre Night

Poker fun night

Investing group nights