December 1, 2023

Florida Region FJMC Mission Statement

Our Mission

To involve Jewish Men in Jewish Life by fostering fellowship and camaraderie between Men’s Clubs and Brotherhoods in the Florida Region.

To inspire interest and involvement in Jewish worship and studies as well as Tikkun Olam.

To ensure the success of new and existing leaders of our Florida Men’s Clubs and Brotherhoods.

FJMC Florida

In Brotherhood,

Blake Lenett

Regional President

FJMC Florida Region

This message is brought to you by the Florida Region of the FJMC. We serve the needs of Jewish Men’s Clubs and Brotherhoods across the State of Florida from the Panhandle to Miami.  If you are not yet affiliated with the Federation, then today is the day to join us. Get to know more about the Florida Region of FJMC and our growing statewide network of dynamic Jewish Men’s Clubs and Brotherhoods on our website and please visit and LIKE our Facebook Group at