June 10, 2023

Many of you have your candles locked in a shul closet due to COVID 19.  If so, your community has not had the opportunity to light a Shoah Yellow Candle this year.

Some of you may be in favor of Shining Light of Remembrance, while also spotlighting the tragedies of the temples destruction on erev Tisha B'Av, Tuesday, July 29, 2020. To combine the two, check out our Shoah Yellow Candles page.  It has a schedule, a sample letter from the Rabbi, a meditation that can be shared, additional information on how the COVID has impacted our lives and what can they do.

We will only post this email once. Only do this program with your Rabbi's permission.  You may contact the Yellow Candle Committee at 1-800-391-7293 if you need assistance is obtain additional yellow candles or have questions.  They are glad to help you as well the Florida Regional Leadership.

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