June 14, 2024
Minyan of Comfort is a joint project of the FJMC and the Cantors Assembly.

The “Minyan of Comfort” course syllabus was developed as a joint project of the FJMC and the Cantors Assembly designed to provide volunteers with the needed, halachic, ritual and social skills to lead a Shiva Minyan in a meaningful and comforting manner.  The course addresses the different comfort levels of mourners, desired logistics to create the appropriate mood as well as customs that take place at the conclusion of Shiva.  Successful graduates of the course will receive a certificate of completion from the FJMC and the Cantors Assembly which designates them as Ba’alei Tefilah with a special sensitivity to the needs of shiva homes.

Lay training is done by regional FJMC and Cantors Assembly programs. These are typically led by a Cantor or Rabbi and can be arranged through your FJMC Regional President or by contacting the FJMC. The training and accompanying publication are designed to assist Synagogues in developing a corps of trained shiva minyanim lay leaders, clarify and share community minhag and halacha, gain familiarity with the various siddurim and other booklets that are often used in a shiva minyan, learn the traditional nusach for each service (e.g. MinchaMa’ariv), gain awareness of any special liturgical needs (e.g. Rosh ChodeshAl HaNisimOmer; etc.), understand the role of menachem avel, comforter of the bereaved and encourage individual Men’s Clubs and Brotherhoods to share and collaborate on their own “Minyan of Comfort” implementations.

The Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (FJMC) wants to introduce the FJMC “Minyan of Comfort” program to your Florida Region Men’s Club or Brotherhood. FJMC has a robust nationwide network of Regional Consultants that can help you implement and execute a “Minyan of Comfort” Ba’alei Tefilah training program at your Synagogue. For more information about “Minyan of Comfort”, including a detailed implementation guide, visit https://fjmc.org/resources/minyan-of-comfort/ and /or email Orin Rotman at orotman@comcast.net or Sandy Victor at  sandy_victor@hotmail.com.

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