July 22, 2024
Please join us for the next three sessions of "Yiddish Alive" on Monday evening July 8 and 22 , 2024 at 8pm ET and mark your calendars for upcoming sessions tentatively scheduled on Monday evenings August 5 and 29.
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Yiddish has been the language of Ashkenazi Jews for over a thousand years. It was used by writers and artists to create great works of fiction, plays, and music. Yiddish words are everywhere in popular culture and it would be meshuggenah to imagine that anyone hasn’t heard or said at least one Yiddish word. Yiddish is a living language, full of spiel and shtick, irony and humor, expressing all of the subtle distinctions of human character. This is at the heart of one of FJMC’s most popular programs, Yiddish Alive.

Yiddish Alive is an interactive, Zoom based discussion about Yiddish, led by Joe Rotstein, Esther Scheer, Alan Davis, Barry Wagner and Jeffrey Newton, and hosted by Mike Mills. It offers an opportunity to speak a bissele Yiddish, share stories about our Zaidye’s and Bubbie’s, learn the Yiddish word of the day and more.

Please join us for the next three session(s) of Yiddish Alive on Monday evenings July 8 and 22, 2024 at 8pm ET; register at: https://fjmc.org/initiatives/affinity-groups-webinars/yiddish-alive-affinity-group/. Also, please mark your calendars for upcoming sessions of “Yiddish Alive”, tentatively scheduled on Monday evenings August 5 and 29, 2024.

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Yiddish Alive is part of a growing list of FJMC Affinity Groups and is offered at no charge to Men’s Clubs and Brotherhoods across the United States and around the world.  Learn more at: https://fjmc.org/initiatives/affinity-groups-webinars/yiddish-alive-affinity-group/ or email Mike Mills at MillsMS1@Gmail.com. Nu? Sign up to join Yiddish Alive today and be mensch tomorrow.

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