July 23, 2024
Organizing a Torah on Tap / Guys Night Out at a local brewery is a fun and easy way to engage your current and prospective Men's Club or Brotherhood members


Are you looking to plan a simple event to bring together membership and engage prospective members? Organizing a Pub Night, or a Guys Night Out at a local brewery is a fun and easy way to engage your Men’s Club or Brotherhood.

It runs best when a Club Board Member volunteers to chair the event.  Firstly, the chair selects a date on a night most likely to get the largest turnout and that does not conflict with schedules of younger men and fathers (check preschool and religious school schedule), or other synagogue events or holidays. We typically scheduled dates when our city’s football, baseball or basketball games played.  Next, the chair selects and contacts a local pubs/bar to check for availability and if possible, make reservations.  Estimate the number of attendees and reserve some tables. For pubs that do not take reservations, make sure to get there early to hold down a few tables, or designate someone else to do so.   A collection of high-tops around the bar encourages freer mingling, food-sharing and ordering of bee pitchers, etc.  Sit-down style events can be fun as well, but we’ve found that most restaurants try to put large groups and long tables.

If possible, then please invite and encourage your Rabbi and / or Temple President to attend and offer them the honor of giving short presentation on this week’s Torah portion, Israel, or other items of Jewish interest.

In advance of your event, it let the Pub or Brewery manager know you are organizing this group outing for a non-profit; they might offer a discount for your group. Many Breweries in Florida do not sell food and allow patrons to bring their own Kosher food or snacks. Otherwise, plan ahead to accommodate your club’s tolerance for kashrut.  French fries or dairy-only (mozzarella sticks, pizza, etc) are good ways to respect a kosher style.

Media announcements are the next order of business. Ask your Rabbi or Temple President announce the event from the bimah. A graphic / flyer needs to be made and circulated to all men’s club members, preschool and religious school parents, and should also be included in the synagogue’s weekly communication.  A great way to encourage new members is to specifically state in the graphic that preschool / religious school fathers are welcome, and that “the first drink is on us.”  At board meetings, Sunday religious school pickups and any other times members gather at shul, Men’s Club / Brotherhood members should talk up, or even better, personally invite preschool/religious school fathers to the event. 

It very important for one person to be assigned to arrive early at the “Torah on Tap” venue to lock in some tables. Another person should be assigned to gather everyone’s name, email and phone numbers that attend <VERY IMPORTANT> so they can be added to the Club’s email / telephone contact list. Lastly, someone should be assigned to ensure each attendee pays their share towards the bill.   

Kickstart your Men’s Club or Brotherhood programming schedule on a hot, summer night by hosting a sizzling “Torah on Tap” program and support small business at a Florida brewery or pub near you. 

This program idea is brought to you by the Florida Region of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs. We are part of a confederation of over 200 Jewish Men’s Clubs and Brotherhoods representing over 20,000 members across the United States, Canada, Latin America, and beyond. Learn more about how your Jewish Men’s Club or Brotherhood can affiliate with the FJMC at: https://fjmc.org/for-clubs/affiliating-with-the-fjmc/.

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