February 27, 2024
Who is hiding in your family tree?

It is said that today is tomorrow’s yesterday.

It seems that every year, more and more information about lives can be searched on the internet. I was surprised that with a few well placed clicks I was able to quickly find digital copies of my great grandparent’s immigration documents from Ellis Island as well as detailed US census information about where they and their seven children lived in 1920. I found my grandparent’s wedding announcement, my parents High School yearbook, ancient family photos and newspaper articles and more. Then I began to think about what kind of digital footprint am I building for my great grandchildren?

The Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs recently formed Jewish Genealogy Affinity group where you can share stories about your family and learn the resources and tools to help you dig deep down to the roots of your family tree. Genealogy provides a process for passing your identity to your offspring, and for experiencing “today” in the perspective of your family history. The FJMC Jewish Genealogy Affinity Group is open to both men and women, from beginner to expert.

The plan is to provide an internet-based experience starting with teaching and flowing into workshops driven by the interests of the participants.  This group will enable you to learn the basics and/or improve your skills with the help of seasoned genealogists. Participants will be able to create simple or broad extended family trees, archive personal stories through finding genetically related “cousins”, and much, much more.

To join FJMC’s Jewish Genealogy Affinity group, please register HERE. After supplying basic contact information and what you would like to learn, you will receive a Zoom link to future sessions.

join an FJMC Affinity Group today

Jewish Genealogy is part of a growing list of FJMC Affinity Groups and is offered at no charge to Men’s Clubs and Brotherhoods across the United States and around the world.  Learn more at https://www.fjmc.org/genealogy-affinity-group or email Richard Gray at RWGray@MSN.com or Mike Mills at MillsMS1@Gmail.com or Genealogy@FJMC.org. Nu? Sign up to join Jewish Genealogy today and learn about your Zayde tomorrow.

This moment of Jewish Learning is brought to you by the Florida Region of the FJMC. We serve the needs of Jewish Men’s Clubs and Brotherhoods throughout the State of Florida from the Panhandle to Miami. Our mission is to involve Jewish Men in Jewish Life.

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