December 1, 2023
Support the Abayudaya as a way of supporting global Jewry.

An important message from FJMC Abayudaya Liaison David Freiman

It is incumbent upon all Jews to care for each other. We recognize that our attention is focused on Israel at this crucial moment. We are hopeful that our men can support the Abayudaya children, even while we are praying and supporting Israel. We have the capacity to do both.

To all FJMC Members and All Friends of the Abayudaya,

We are all understandably focused on the tragedy unfolding in Israel at this time. Through our shared grief, our hope is that you will join us in continuing our support for other Jewish communities in need around the world.

While we, of course, encourage support for our friends in Israel, our Jewish brothers in Uganda face daily challenges that we in North America can step up to alleviate. To this end, the FJMC Abayudaya Committee is backing two fundraising efforts in support of the Abayudaya Jewish Community and their schools.

For the Kakungulu High School, we seek to raise $2,000 to provide funds to rent nearby land on which the school can grow crops to feed its students and faculty. The crops harvested on this small farm will help offset rising food prices in the region, and with proper stewardship, set the school up for sustainable cost savings over the next several years.

For the Hadassah Primary School, we seek to raise $3,000 to fund an educational program that will teach life skills to the students – skills like knitting, soap making, tailoring, etc. These life skills will also provide small business entrepreneurial opportunities for graduates. With college out of reach for so many in the region, such short-term business opportunities will provide a small jolt to the local economy, while giving students a path forward in business.

Tax deductible donations can be made through the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs at FJMC Abayudaya Support Page.

We hope you, your clubs, synagogues, and your friends can help make these two initiatives a reality to help set the schools and the community up for future successes. You may also find additional information here on the Abayudaya. Please contact me with any questions.

Thank you in advance for your support!


David Freiman
FJMC Abayudaya Liaison
Shaare Torah Men’s Club
Gaithersburg, MD

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