May 19, 2024
Please tune in on Wednesday May 1, 2024 at 9pm ET for an informative FJMC Webinar, "Healing Fatigue and other Chronic Illnesses while Strengthening the Body" featuring guest speaker Dr. Jack Zoldan

There is a hidden, often ignored, disease affecting thousands of people. The most common symptoms of this syndrome are overwhelming fatigue, debilitating cognitive impairment, and intractable pain. Other systems in the body are often affected. Characteristically, physical exams and laboratory tests show only normal results. This is frustrating for patients and caregivers. Finding treatment for their suffering is usually an unrewarding endeavor. The illness is known by many names, including “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,” “Long Haul COVID,” “Chronic Lyme Disease,” and “Fibromyalgia.” This syndrome can also manifest after experiencing a serious illness, surgery, trauma, or an emotional ordeal. These people might all ask the question: “If everyone says I look so good, then why do I feel so terrible?”

Please tune in on Wednesday May 1, 2024 at 9pm ET for an informative FJMC Webinar, “Healing Fatigue and other Chronic Illnesses while Strengthening the Body” featuring guest speaker Dr. Jack Zoldan, author of, “If Everyone Says I Look So Good, Then Why Do I Feel So Terrible?” Be in the room when it happens; register for this FREE webinar today at:

Dr. Jack Zoldan is a Board Certified Doctor of Internal Medicine. He trained at University of Illinois Medical Center in Chicago, followed by an Internal Medicine residency at Cook County Hospital. During his 41 years of practicing medicine, he was able to help thousands of patients with this condition of debilitating symptoms. “Beginning in college and continuing to this day, I have been interested in therapies that were outside the box. I wanted to complement my formal training to be able to offer patients helpful therapies. When patients started coming to me complaining about fatigue and other problems that were given limited attention in the medical textbook, I sought innovative treatments that proved to be effective. An important focus of my practice was caring for people with fatigue and other chronic symptoms associated with the absence of chronic symptoms. This gained me a reputation. My practice with this category of patients grew, expanding my experience in caring for them.

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