April 19, 2024

FJMC International Convention 2023

Your FJMC Convention 2023 Committee Chair Rick Wronzberg and Co-Chair Mark Givarz are working to bring FJMC Convention 2023 to a city near you.  FJMC Convention 2023 will be an epic transformative experience, the intersection of Spiritual and Social, Libations and Learning, a time to reunite with old friends and make new ones.   FJMC Convention 2023  will be packed with camaraderie and brotherhood, exciting activities, amazing speakers, educational sessions, scotch tasting, Torch Awards, Ma’Asim Tovim Awards, Quality Club Awards, our world famous Cantor’s Concert and so much more.  FJMC Convention is the best of what Men’s Club has to offer.  I guarantee you will come away from FJMC Convention 2023 with dozens of new ideas ideas to improve your club, your synagogue, and yourself.

We can’t officially tell you to Save the Date yet… but you might want to pencil in late June/ early July of 2023. Here is a video from Convention 2019 in Toronto to get you in the mood.