February 27, 2024

Israel Advocacy

Firmly recognizing the centrality of the State of Israel to contemporary Jewish identity as the embodiment of the Jewish people’s right to self-determination, the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs advocate at national and international levels in support of the legitimate right of Israel as the Jewish State to exist equally among the community of states in peace, security, stability, and prosperity. Through Israel Advocacy, the FJMC and its member Clubs are working to strengthen the bonds between Jews in the Diaspora and Israel and Israeli society. 

The FJMC is dedicated to strengthening support for Israel by ensuring that the public receives accurate and truthful information.  We are primarily composed of volunteer activists and have in common the desire for a strong and safe homeland for the Jewish people in the State of Israel, as well as supporting the efforts of Mercaz – the political arm of the Conservative / Masorti movement as it works to extend religious equality of all facets of the Jewish community in Israel.

To learn more about FJMC’s Israel Advocacy visit https://www.fjmc.org/content/israel-advocacy

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