June 14, 2024
FJMC Affiliated Men's Club & Brotherhood members have access to FJMC Club and Leadership Training opportunities.

Three of the most tangible benefits of affiliation with the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (FJMC) are (1) direct access to hands-on training for your Men’s Club and Brotherhood members and leadership, (2) a nationwide network of Regional Consultants and (3) a robust portfolio of original FJMC Club Member and Leadership training resources.

Florida Region FJMC recently brought these elements together at a Regional Club Training program, hosted by B’nai Torah Congregation Men’s Club in Boca Raton. On April 30, twenty-five leaders of Men’s Clubs and Brotherhoods from across the State of Florida were in attendance for a half day of learning, roundtable discussions and training on a variety of topics including successful Club programming and fundraising campaigns, how to make your Club more welcoming, effective use of social media to grow your Club and ideas to attract new / younger members.

This webpost is part of a series which will highlight some of the ideas discussed and exchanged at the April 30 Club training program.

In a roundtable discussion of how each of the men present became involved in their respective Men’s Club or Brotherhood, a recurring response was that somebody asked them to join. Others became involved to meet new people and make new friends, to become more involved in the Temple, or as a way to give back. Several were introduced to Men’s Club or Brotherhood through their children’s involvement in a Temple sponsored Scout or USY group. Some got involved through a Men’s Club poker night or a Brotherhood sponsored softball team.

The discussion then turned to Men’s Club and Brotherhood programing ideas to help attract new / younger members, both from within our respective synagogues as well as from the greater unaffiliated community. Suggestions included sponsoring a meet and greet with the Rabbi, a Sunday morning breakfast with an engaging guest speaker, CPR Training, Firearms safety day or a Toastmasters program. Other program ideas included a “Back to Shul BBQ”, “Laktes and Vodkas”, “Deli Night”, “Cigars and Spirits”, “Torah on Tap” or a “Brotherhood Hangout” at a local brewery, a “Casino Night”, a hiking or camping event, a fishing boat or a golf (or miniature golf) tournament.

Florida Region of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (FJMC) is part of an international network of over 200 Men’s Clubs and Brotherhoods representing over 20,000 members throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America and beyond. Learn more about how your Jewish Men’s Club or Brotherhood can affiliate with the FJMC at https://www.fjmc.org/content/affiliating-fjmc.

The Florida Region of FJMC serves the needs of FJMC affiliated Men’s Clubs and Brotherhoods throughout the State of Florida.

The Florida Region of FJMC serves the needs of affiliated Men’s Clubs and Brotherhoods throughout the State of Florida. If you are not yet affiliated with the Federation, then today is the day to join us. Get to know more about the Florida Region of FJMC and our growing network of dynamic Men’s Clubs and Brotherhoods at www.floridaregionfjmc.org and please visit and LIKE our Florida Region FJMC Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/FloridaRegionFJMC.

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