June 10, 2023

The FJMC Keruv Initiative

The FJMC Keruv initiative is based on a lay/professional partnership that began in 2001. Since then, FJMC has brought together groups of rabbis to learn and to think about the issues that are occurring in their communities and within their member families. With the help of academics who study the dynamics of intermarriage, rabbis are challenged to examine how they respond to synagogue members and their children when intermarriages occur.

The FJMC offers our clubs a plethora of Keruv training materials and resources at https://www.fjmc.org/content/keruv-resources

In this short video, Rabbi Charles Simon gives a clear overview of the Keruv Initiative. For additional information about Keruv, please contact FJMC Past President and Florida Region Keruv Consultant Allan Gottesman at allan@gbc1040.com.

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