June 14, 2024

G-D told Adam in the garden to guard the world he was being given. “If you destroy this world,” he was told, “there is no one to come and set it right after you.” (Kohelet Rabbah 7:28) This is a call that Jewish Men’s Cubs and Brotherhoods cannot ignore; the well-being and heath of our children and grandchildren are on the line.

The FJMC Shomrei Ha’aretz Initiative presents examples of Men’s Clubs and Brotherhoods organizing, planning, marketing and presenting successful and diverse Shomrei Ha’Aretz programs to involve your congregation and contribute to protecting this Earth. Some examples of FJMC Torch Award winning Shomrei Ha’Aretz programs that can be implemented by your Men’s Club or Brotherhood include “Torah Walk in the Park” (Ed Margolis, Beth Torah, Miami, FL), “Jews Gleaning for the Poor” (Eric Rothberg, Olam Tikvah, Fairfax, VA), “Energy Conservation, GreenFaith Shield Weekend” (Jeff Charnow, Temple Torah, W. Boynton Beach, FL) and “Synagogue-wide Recycling” (Bruce Fagen, Temple Sinai, Dresher, PA).

I am excited to let you know that a new Shomrei Ha’Aretz FJMC Affinity Group is being formed and will have its first Zoom event on Wednesday, November 16 at 8pm Eastern featuring Rabbi Katy Z Allen; this program was organized by Scott Kadish, a Brandeis graduate of Judaica Studies. Rabbi Allen will speak on how an understanding of ecological awareness and corrective action lies at the heart of Jewish tradition, as well as how combating global climate change and environmental degradation are the ultimate task of Tikkun Olam. She will also provide an overview of how we can act now to preserve the “livability” of this sacred Earth for generations to come.

FJMC Affinity Groups

The FJMC Shomrei Ha’Aretz Affinity Group is part of a growing list of FJMC Affinity Groups and is offered at no charge to all Men’s Clubs and Brotherhoods across the United States and around the world.  Learn more at https://www.fjmc.org/shomrei-haaretz-fjmc-affinity-group or email Scott Kadish, Shomrei Ha’Aretz Group Leader at environment@fjmc.org.

For more information about FJMC Affinity Groups and their growing archive of webinars for use by your Men’s Club and Brotherhood, please visit www.fjmc.org/webinars. For a list of previous programs visit FJMC’s YouTube page.

Rabbi Katy Z. Allen

For more than 2 decades, Rabbi Katy Z. Allen has worked in the Jewish community as a teacher, congregational Rabbi, health care chaplain, and spiritual leader. She is an accomplished writer, having published several books, including Earth Etudes for Elul, Spiritual Wisdom for the Season. Rabbi Katy Z. Allen is a co-convener of the Jewish Climate Action Network or JCAN, an organization that since 2013 seeks to inspire and mobilize Jewish communities to both lead and participate in bold climate campaigns. JCAN’s work includes holding educational conferences, workshops, and talks on issues relating to climate change, including greening our synagogues, lifestyles, and homes.

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